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Religious Influences on Vietnam :: essays research papers

Strict INFLUENCES ON VIETNAM      I comprehend there to be abundant measures of persuasive occasions which activated patterns in Vietnamese culture. The Chinese impact in Vietnam may have likely prompted its socialist political framework. Vietnamese patriotism may have added to the challenges the French looked during its colonization of Vietnam. In any case, I accept that the most applicable commitment to contemporary Vietnamese culture is the strict assorted variety and how it adds to Vietnam’s shut entryway monetary and political methods of reasoning.      Buddhism is the essential religion in Vietnam. Buddhists accept that the best approach to become â€Å"enlightened† is to comprehend the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and to follow the Eight-Fold Path. Essentially, I comprehend Buddhism to be an inward religion dependent on the otherworldliness of oneself. Different types of reflection and extreme examination combined with the destruction of want lead to a characterized way of life with practically zero requirement for outer human cooperation. When a Buddhist has accomplished what is viewed as the best possible conduct and appropriate information called for by the Eight Fold Path, and after a Buddhist has spent numerous years controlling their dharma, Buddhists will in general abandon all possessions and travel forward into the wild attempting to accomplish nirvana. This strict practice, as I would see it, has significantly affected the Vietnamese culture and the manner in which they associate with pariahs. The way that the Vietnamese are not exceedingly anxious to be attacked by outside partnerships and private enterprise bodes well; free enterprise is anything but an essential to Buddhism.      Taoism was likewise acquainted with medieval Vietnam is still perceptibly rehearsed there today. Taoists accept that the best approach to accomplish illumination is through turmoil. Sitting idle and letting nature follow all the way through without human obstruction are the techniques by which Taoists feel generally profound. Despite the fact that I don't feel that there is a solid fragrance of Taoism in contemporary Vietnam, I in any case reason that it significantly affected Vietnamese patterns. Contrasted with Buddhism and surely Confucianism, which is examined underneath, Taoism was a very stunning idea to the Vietnamese when it was first presented. The way that sloth and disarray were being celebrated in a period of mindfulness and obedient devotion more likely than not caused a specific feeling of isolation in the Vietnamese people group.      Confucianism is the remainder of three applicable religions which were brought into medieval Vietnam. Confucius lectured that obedient devotion and predecessor warship were basic to accomplishing edification. Strict Influences on Vietnam :: papers research papers Strict INFLUENCES ON VIETNAM      I comprehend there to be plentiful measures of persuasive occasions which activated patterns in Vietnamese culture. The Chinese impact in Vietnam may have likely prompted its socialist political framework. Vietnamese patriotism may have added to the troubles the French looked during its colonization of Vietnam. Notwithstanding, I accept that the most applicable commitment to contemporary Vietnamese culture is the strict assorted variety and how it adds to Vietnam’s shut entryway monetary and political ways of thinking.      Buddhism is the essential religion in Vietnam. Buddhists accept that the best approach to become â€Å"enlightened† is to comprehend the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and to follow the Eight-Fold Path. Fundamentally, I comprehend Buddhism to be an inward religion dependent on the otherworldliness of oneself. Different types of contemplation and extreme examination combined with the destruction of want lead to a characterized way of life with practically zero requirement for outside human collaboration. When a Buddhist has accomplished what is viewed as the best possible conduct and appropriate information called for by the Eight Fold Path, and after a Buddhist has spent numerous years controlling their dharma, Buddhists will in general abandon all assets and travel forward into the wild attempting to accomplish nirvana. This strict practice, as I would like to think, has significantly affected the Vietnamese culture and the manner in which they collaborate with outcasts. The way that the Vietnamese are not exceedingly anxious to be attacked by outside companies and private enterprise bodes well; free enterprise is certifiably not an essential to Buddhism.      Taoism was additionally acquainted with medieval Vietnam is still recognizably rehearsed there today. Taoists accept that the best approach to accomplish edification is through tumult. Sitting idle and letting nature follow all the way through without human obstruction are the strategies by which Taoists feel generally otherworldly. Despite the fact that I don't feel that there is a solid fragrance of Taoism in contemporary Vietnam, I in any case find that it significantly affected Vietnamese patterns. Contrasted with Buddhism and absolutely Confucianism, which is talked about beneath, Taoism was an amazingly extraordinary idea to the Vietnamese when it was first presented. The way that sloth and disarray were being cheered in a period of mindfulness and dutiful devotion more likely than not caused a specific feeling of isolation in the Vietnamese people group.      Confucianism is the remainder of three applicable religions which were brought into medieval Vietnam. Confucius lectured that dutiful devotion and progenitor warship were basic to accomplishing illumination.

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General Biology Ii Study Guide (Online Class)

1. Is the gametophyte stage prevailing in Bryophytes? Truly or No 2. Most plants have vascular tissue; these comprise the ________ plants. Vascular 3. Seeds can lie torpid for a long time. Valid 4. Bryophytes are little since they need ______. Vascular Tissue 5. Leaves increment the surface territory for photosynthesis. Valid 6. Seeds contain _____ within a defensive coat. Supplement flexibly, incipient organism 7. Angiosperms produce seeds that are regularly encased by _____. Natural product 8. _____ transports water in vascular plant. Xylem 9. Dust is generally scattered by _____. Wind 10. A ________________ is an undeveloped organism and supplements encompassed by a defensive coat.Seed11. Which phylum incorporates greeneries? Phylum Pterophyta12. ________________ are organs that grapple vascular plants. Roots13. What is the distinction in generation between a blueberry shrub and a pine tree? Pine trees don't create blossoms and produce seeds that are not encased by organic product. Blueberry brambles produce blossoms and produce seeds encased by fruit.14. Seedless vascular plants recreate through spores contained inside seeds. False15. Trial 2 in lab demonstrated that _____. Plants take up carbon dioxide.16. Non-vascular plants are normally called ______. Bryophytes17. Which phylum are the greenery in?Bryophyta18. Bryophytes require _____ for treatment to happen. Water19. A greenery is a seedless vascular plant. True20. Lab analyze 1 during the current week unmistakably indicated that _____. Sea-going plants will create gas when presented to light.21. Gymnosperms don't deliver seeds. False22. _____ transports sugars in vascular plants. Phloem23. Depict two things that are one of a kind to angiosperms that help them in multiplication. They have blossoms and the capacity of â€Å"double fertilization†.24. A ______ is a path for oxygen and carbon dioxide. They are openings in the underside of a leaf. toma (pl. stomata)25. Vascular tissue game plan is straightforwardly identified with the stem’s capacity for _______________ development. Secondary26. Trichomes can shield a plant from predation by herbivores. True27. The ground tissue cells called _____ cells are the most well-known sort of plant cell and complete photosynthesis. Parenchyma28. Which some portion of the root would you look in on the off chance that you needed to discover a cell experiencing mitosis (cell multiplication)? Zone of cell division29. Which sort of vascular tissue permits the development of water and supplements from the roots to the leaves? Xylem30. What s tructure secures the root as it pushes its way through the dirt? Root cap31. All plant cells contain optional cell dividers. False32. _______________ meristems are situated at the tips of stems and roots. Apical33. Which sort of plant tissue is for assurance? Dermal34. Which kind of vascular tissue conveys sugars to all pieces of the plant. Phloem35. The substitute type of leaf course of action is the most widely recognized of the three kinds of leaf plan. True36. What are plant cell dividers made of? Cellulose37. Vascular plants have a have a particular course framework made out of [x] and [y]. X=Xylem, Y=Phloem38. Which plant organ is a beet? Root39. Gatekeeper cells are liable for shutting and opening the lenticellular maculation. False40. The dispersion of water fume from a plant is called ____. Transpiration41. A few sorts of plants live while never reaching the dirt. True42. Which plant organ assists with tying down them in the dirt and assimilate water and minerals? Roots43. Clarify why the carnation changed hues in Experiment #2 in the Plant Circulation lab. The procedure of water traveling through the vascular tissue of the plant. As the water traveled through the blossom it conveyed the color with it.44. Sidelong meristems are found in plants that display ____ development. Secondary45. The shoot framework comprises of the underground part of the plant. False46. Auxiliary development is an expansion in the _____ of the plant. Width or girth47. _____ are individuals from the phylum _____ and feed by _____. Ocean anemones †¦ Cnidaria †¦ utilizing stinging cells to catch little creatures that adventure excessively near them48. Planarians need devoted respiratory and circulatory frameworks since none of their cells are far expelled from the gastrovascular pit or from the outside condition since they are flat.49. Annelids _____. have a mouth that is isolated from the rear-end and segments50. A wipe's basic materials (spicules, spongin) are produc ed by the Amoebocytes51. In wipes which cell catches food? Choanocyte or neckline cell52. In many creepy crawlies, gas trade is cultivated by _____. A tracheal framework with spiracles, trachea, and tracheoles53. A land snail, a shellfish, and an octopus all offer Membership in Phylum Mollusca54. A significant quality of arthropods is _____. A chitinous exoskeleton and jointed appendages55. In arthropods, shedding is vital in light of the fact that _____.The hard exoskeleton can't grow.56. People most regularly obtain trichinosis (contamination by Trichinella spiralis) by Eating half-cooked pork57. Which of the accompanying describe(s) echinoderms? Tubefeet give motility in most species58. Which clade in the phylum Cnidaria incorporates â€Å"jellies† with adjusted (rather than boxlike) medusae? Scyphozoa59. Wipes are most precisely depicted as Aquatic channel feeders60. Wipes need _____. The entirety of the recorded reactions are correct.61. Think about the accompanying rund own of creatures: goliath squid, night crawler, largemouth bass, snail, tapeworm, coral, and starfish.The two that have a place with a similar phylum are the _____, and their phylum is _____. mammoth squid and snail †¦ Mollusca62. Corals are most firmly identified with which gathering? Ocean anemones63. Which letter is highlighting the piece of the bloom that draws in creepy crawlies? H64. Which letter is highlighting the stamen? A65. A unidentified types of creature shows the accompanying qualities: reciprocal evenness, a total stomach related framework, an open circulatory framework, particular body division, it has six jointed strolling legs, and it sheds when it grows.To which of the accompanying creature phyla does this species doubtlessly have a place? Arthropoda66. Jams and corals are individuals from the equivalent _____, all individuals from which _____. phylum †¦ have uncommon stinging cells on their tentacles67. An earthbound mollusc without a shell would be kno wn as a _____. Slug68. Parasites are individuals from the phylum _____. Annelida69. Tapeworms are exceptionally specific worms that make their living as endoparasites. To which of the accompanying phyla do the tapeworms have a place? Phylum Platyhelminthes70. Wipes feed by _____. Sifting little particles from water Peruse additionally Lab 2 Biology71. A functioning marine predator is found having these attributes: a progression of limbs (eight of them changed from the foot) on its head, a profoundly evolved sensory system, and expand eyes. To which of the accompanying creature classes does this living being doubtlessly have a place? Cephalopoda72. Rundown the four key attributes of chordates. Notochord Dorsal empty nerve rope Muscular post butt-centric tail Pharyngeal slits73. What is the single novel trademark that recognizes surviving winged creatures from other surviving vertebrates? Feathers74. Most reptiles are ______ which implies they can't manage their own body temperature.Cold-blooded and ectothermic75. How might you differentiate between a reptile egg and a feathered creature egg? The reptile egg will have an adaptable weathered shell and the winged creature egg will have a hard shell.76. An ocean star is an invertebrate. True77. In the event that a creature has hair, takes care of it s young milk, a lays eggs it is a ______. monotreme platypus echidna prickly anteater78. For what reason is the amniotic egg thought about a significant transformative achievement? It permits affidavit of eggs in an earthly environment.79. Turtles are reptiles. True80. What is the fundamental contrast between the skeleton of a shark and a trout?The shark has a skeleton made of ligament, while a trout has a skeleton made of bone.81. Sharks are ordered in which class? Chondrichthyes82. Flying creatures _____. Warm-blooded83. Chordates have ___________ evenness. Bilateral84. The gill fold, or operculum, was a significant adjustment for fish since it assists with _____. Keeping up a gracefully of action85. Which of these attributes added most to vertebrate achievement in generally dry conditions? The shelled, amniotic egg86. A frog is an invertebrate. False87. Creatures of land and water can lay their eggs ashore unafraid of them drying out on the grounds that they lay eggs with an adap table shell.False88. The opossum is a case of a(n) _____ warm blooded animal. Marsupial89. Which of the accompanying creatures is a land and water proficient? Caecilian90. A kangaroo or an opossum is a ______. Marsupial91. All warm blooded creatures _____. Sustain their posterity through mammary glands92. The swim bladder of beam finned angles Provides for guideline of buoyancy.93. Natural surroundings misfortune, the spread of a parasitic illness, environmental change, and contamination are causing serious populace decreases and termination in _____. Amphibians94. Pick the case of the invertebrate chordate from the rundown beneath. Lancelet95. A few sharks are viviparous, which implies that _____.The youthful create inside the female’s body.96. Which of the six significant sorts of connective tissue has an unbending lattice that contains collagen and calcium salts? Bone97. In vertebrates the space between cells whenever loaded up with blood. False98. Tissues are made out of cells, and tissues working together make up Organs99. __________ creatures produce heat by digestion. Endothermic100. Food preparing, ingestion, and circulation in your body are for the most part achieved by the _____ frameworks. Stomach related and circulatory101. Do hormone signals works quicker than nerve signals? No102. Tendons are what sort of connective tissue? A sort of sinewy connective tissue103. Positive input varies from negative criticism in that The positive criticism's effector reactions are a similar way as the starting upgrade instead of inverse to it.104. Food moves along the stomach related tract as the consequence of withdrawals by Smooth muscle1

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What Is Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

What Is Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD Types Print Treating Postpartum Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder By Owen Kelly, PhD Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD on November 12, 2019 facebook twitter linkedin Carly Snyder, MD is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who combines traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments.   Learn about our Medical Review Board Carly Snyder, MD Updated on February 06, 2020 MachineHeadz / Getty Images More in OCD Types Causes Symptoms and Diagnosis Treatment Living With OCD Related Conditions It is not uncommon for mothers to experience an array of emotions following the arrival of a new baby. The postpartum period has long been known to be a time of increased risk for the appearance, worsening or recurrence of mood and anxiety disorders. Many studies have suggested that the postpartum period may also present a risk for the onset or worsening of  obsessive-compulsive disorder  (OCD). Symptoms Postpartum symptoms of OCD are most likely to occur within six weeks after childbirth  but can begin during the pregnancy. In women who have preexisting OCD, there is some evidence that miscarriage can also act as a potent trigger of OCD symptoms. The symptoms of OCD in women who have postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder can often be distinguished from those who already had obsessive-compulsive disorder. A recent study showed that the biggest difference between the two is that with postpartum OCD, the obsessions are mostly related to the baby in some way. Specifically, women with postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder often report more aggressive obsessions related to harming their new baby than women who already had OCD. As well, women with postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder more frequently experience obsessions related to contamination of the baby than women without postpartum-onset OCD.   Causes At this stage, it is unclear why the postpartum period is a time of increased risk for the onset of OCD for some women. From a biological perspective, it has been speculated that profound changes in hormones such as estrogen may be partly responsible. Hormones can disrupt the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin. Disruptions of the serotonin system have been heavily implicated in the development of OCD. From a psychosocial perspective, the arrival of a new baby presents a number of new challenges, which can be overwhelming for some women. Stress is a major trigger of OCD and the postpartum period may be especially stressful for those women who may not have adequate coping strategies or support in place. Treatment Like postpartum depression, it is essential to treat postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder as it can affect normal bonding between a mother and her baby. It can also cause substantial suffering and pain on the part of the mother and family members. If you have recently given birth and you are experiencing new psychological symptoms such as intrusive and disturbing thoughts or compulsive behaviors such as uncontrolled hand-washing, be sure to mention this to your primary care physician, obstetrician, pediatrician or psychiatrist. If you are experiencing these or other symptoms, your doctor will likely do a full assessment that includes a full psychiatric history, as well as medical tests to rule out biological causes for your symptoms such as hypothyroidism. Cognitive-behavioral therapy  (CBT) may be a good option for women with ?postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder as it eliminates the possibility of exposing the newborn to antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors  (SSRIs). Although antidepressants like SSRIs are transferred through breast milk, there is no data on the long-term effects of exposure to SSRIs in breast milk, including the nervous system, so the benefit of taking the medication needs to outweigh the risk. Be sure to speak with your doctor to determine which treatment option is right for you.

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Capital Punishment Is The Sanctioned Practice - 1605 Words

Committee Name: 6th legal Committee Topic: Capital Punishment Country Name: Nigeria BRIEF BACKGROUND OF THE TOPIC Capital Punishment is the sanctioned practice that puts someone to death in response to crimes. There are many and varied types of execution used around the world today, including: beheading, electrocution, hanging, lethal injection, shooting in the back of the head, and by firing squad. People have been working to end executions since 1977, when only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty in law or practice. Today, the number has risen to 140 - nearly two-thirds of countries around the world. Nearly 90% of these happened in just three countries: Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. But these figures exclude China, where numbers remain a state secret. Many countries around the world continue to hide their practices of capital punishment, for example Iran continues to execute juvenile offenders - those aged under 18 at the time of the alleged crime – in violation of international law. Along with Maldives and Pakistan, it also sentenced juvenile offenders to death in 2015. Co untries continued to flout other aspects of international law, putting to death people with mental or intellectual disabilities, as well as those charged with non-lethal crimes. Apart from drug-related offences, people were executed for crimes such as adultery, blasphemy, corruption, kidnapping and â€Å"questioning the leader’s policies†. The amount of death due to capital punishment hasShow MoreRelated Death Penalty: Capital Punishment is State Sanctioned Murder1111 Words   |  5 PagesCapital Punishment is State Sanctioned Murder      Ã‚   Old Sparky and Gruesome Gertie (affectionate names for the electric chair) have taken the lives of many, even the innocent (Finnerty 18). They are prejudiced and lack compassion. However, many Americans believe that they represent justice. Capital punishment does not represent justice, but vengeance and hate. Among the 7,000 people estimated to have been killed in the United States between 1900 and 1985, at least 23 were innocent (FinnertyRead MorePersuasive Essay On Capital Punishment1621 Words   |  7 PagesThe use of capital punishment in the United States has been the center of a heated debate for nearly six decades. Prior to the 1960’s society accepted the idea that the interpretation of the fifth, eighth, and fourteenth amendment permitted the use of capital punishment; however, it was suggested in the 1960’s that capital punishment constituted â€Å"cruel and unusual punishment†. (www.deathpenaltyinfo.org) â€Å"In 1958, the Supreme Court had d ecided that the Eighth Amendment contained an evolving standardRead MoreThe Abolition Of The Death Penalty1552 Words   |  7 Pageswounded. The death penalty is used as a form of punishment in the eastern hemisphere for many crimes, such as espionage, terrorism, and first-degree murder. China holds the record for the largest amount of executions; the number remains largely disputed as death penalties are considered â€Å"state secret.† In some Middle Eastern countries crimes such as rape, adultery and theft also carry a death sentence. Canada is no stranger to capital punishments either. The first recorded death penalty in CanadaRead MoreThe Death Penalty Debate Essay1638 Words   |  7 Pagesproponents and opponents of capital punishment present compelling arguments to support their claims. Often their arguments are made on different interpretations of what is moral in a just society. In this essay, I intend to present major arguments of those who support the death penalty and those who are opposed to state sanctioned executions application . However, I do intend to fairly and accurately represent both sides of the argument. Proponents of capital punishment persuasively argue that a â€Å"centralRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Dead Man Walking 1564 Words   |  7 PagesThe 1995 film Dead Man Walking portrays the story of Sister Helen Prejean as she struggles to serve as a spiritual advisor to Louisiana death row inmate Matthew Poncelet. The film scrutinizes and criticizes the practice of capital punishment in the United States. The narrative is constructed in such a way that the audience is encouraged to draw their own conclusions, moving through an experience exposed and open to all its effects. It is a sensitive and complex look at Christian forgiveness in theRead MoreIs Capital Punishment Ever Morally or Ethically Permissible?1599 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Capital punishment is never morally justified, and feminist, progressive and socialist ethics would always consider the social and family environment that produced the criminal in the first place, including poverty, racism, segre gation or other types of oppression. It would also examine ways that society could be reformed on restricted in ways that would reduce oppression, such as ending the ghettoization of minorities or the extreme inequality between rich and poor in the United States. IndeedRead MoreCapital Punishment : The Death Penalty965 Words   |  4 PagesAccording to the definition of Encyclopà ¦dia Britannica Online (2016), capital punishment, generally known as death penalty, is the ‘execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense . In short, it is a legally sanctioned and administered punishment for capital criminals by forfeiture of life. To this date, bounded by four influential international protocols that proclaim the abolition and forbid the reintroduction of death penalty, more than halfRead MoreCapital Punishment Should Be Abolished962 Words   |  4 PagesCapital Punishment In 1492, when the Europeans came to the new world, they brought the practice of capital punishment with them (Part 1:). The official definition of capital punishment is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime(Oxford). Throughout the years, the death penalty has evolved and has been present in most legal systems around the world. Though, as capital punishment has evolved, so has humans sense of what s right and what s wrong. These days, manyRead MoreThe Death Penalty: The Case of Carlos DeLuna Essay1321 Words   |  6 Pagesagainst capital punishment, and they believe that it is unnecessary and unreasonable because it does not provide space to go back or remedy, in case of occasional miscarriage. Throughout time and history, the topic of revenge had been debated intensely. The death penalty has been considered to be a necessary punishment to deter future crimes and beneficial for society. In the United States, for instance, there have been strong argum ents about whether the absence or the presence of capital punishmentRead MoreThe Right, The American Dream1322 Words   |  6 Pagespast, capital punishment has been used for chastising behavior contradictory to the prosperity of society. Many plea successes in the implementation of the death penalty because of alleged depletion of criminal activity, an argument proponents state is supreme in determining efficiency. Opponents point out the myriad of flaws, including the inconsistency, the fabrication, and the inability to determine truth as fact. In centuries past, when societal norms included lack of hygienic practice, misogynistic

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Feminism And The First Wave Feminism - 2028 Words

Feminism is the movement towards women’s equality and the fight for equal gender in the social, political, cultural and economical aspects of society. Feminism also fights for equal opportunity for women in employment and education. A feminist is someone who advocates their support for women’s rights but is not restricted to only women; anyone who supports women’s rights and equality are feminists, including men. Feminism is not only about the females; it fights for gender equality for all. Feminist movements, or Women’s movements, campaign for reforms in household issues with domestic violence, political issues with equal pay, employment and maternity leave, and reproduction rights. All feminism movements fight for equal rights, but it cannot be conquered or be made known all at once. First wave feminism was mostly about women’s suffrage and political equality in general whereas the second wave feminism went more in depth about the social and cult ural inequalities. The first wave feminism was mostly about legal issues, specifically woman’s suffrage, or the right to vote. Before women could even think about changing the government policies, they had to raise awareness. While some acts may have been passed, the feminist movement did not truly start until 1848 with the Seneca Falls Convention. In the early 1800s there were some reforms but not as much as the aftermath of the Seneca Falls Convention. Only one university, which was Oberlin College, had changed itsShow MoreRelatedFeminism : The First Wave Of Feminism1267 Words   |  6 PagesFeminism is a movement calling for social change, holding to a belief that women are oppressed by American society due to patriarchy’s inherent sexism. This social movement explained quite simply started in the 19th century when women fought for the right to vote, sought to improve workplace conditions for women as well as increase working opportunities. From this initial movement, called first wav e feminism, stemmed other waves that though somewhere in the same vein, they held many differing goalsRead MoreFeminism And The First Wave Feminism1651 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is Feminism? The word feminism originated in the 1800’s from the French word â€Å"feminisme†. So what is feminism exactly? Feminism is usually defined as an active desire to change women’s position in society (Kolmar pg.27). There are many ways that feminism can be described as it is a number of theories, social movements, cultural and political movements. These movements are shedding light to the inequalities and equal rights for women and also equality for everyone. Feminism is a way for womenRead MoreFeminism : The First Wave Of Feminism1776 Words   |  8 PagesIn Disney’s animated children’s films, feminism greatly advocated for change in gender roles. Children often believe and develop in accordance with the kind of life and exposure they are subjected to at the tender age. In spite of the fact that Disney adopted animated film to sensitize the children on changes in gender roles, it is certain that children literally adopted the perception depicted in t he films. In fact, it is exemplified that later generations are raised on Disney fairy tale movies’Read MoreThe First Wave Of Feminism767 Words   |  4 Pagesworth 50 points Assignment – What is feminism? Describe how it has evolved in the United States and include the three phases. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities organized activity in support of woman s rights and interests The first wave of feminism took place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, emerging out of an environment of urban industrialism and liberal, socialist politics. The goal of this wave was to open up opportunities for womenRead MoreThe First Wave Of Feminism1876 Words   |  8 Pagesfeminists. Feminism can be separated into three waves. The first wave of feminism was from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The second wave was from the 1960s to the 1980s. The third wave of feminism started in the 1990s, but its end is unclear. Some people believe it has ended and the fourth wave of feminism has started, but others believe it continues today. The different waves have been very different in some aspects, but very similar in others. The main differences between the first and thirdRead MoreThe First Wave Of Feminism1230 Words   |  5 Pagessociety. Women had experienced change during the first wave of feminism and gained suffrage, but during the second wave feminism wome n experienced a change that greatly altered their lives and consequently, the relationships they shared with others. The first wave of feminism was concerned about suffrage and establish rights as people and equality in regards to property law (The Famous Five and the Persons Case in Canada), the second wave of feminism was concerned about equality in the workplace, amongRead MoreThe First Wave Of Feminism996 Words   |  4 PagesFeminism has been a prominent part in American literature since the late Nineteenth century. In almost every form of media today, there are female characters who are leaders, independent, and do not conform to the submissive image some individuals have of women. The first authors to introduce heroines of independent nature were Gilman, Chopin, and Wharton. They wrote stories about heroines who had their own ideas and wanted their own voice, expressed their own sexuality, and established their independenceRead MoreThird Wave Feminism : First And Second Wave 1813 Words   |  8 PagesEssay 2: Third Wave Feminism First and second wave feminists succeeded in legal and social rights. In addition, they achieved the right to vote, higher education, and the right to their own body. Although, third wave feminists obtained these rights, they differentiated from focusing on laws and political processes like first and second wave feminists did. Instead, third wave feminists strived for individualism and diversity. Unlike labeling each other as feminists, the third wave departed from thisRead MoreFeminism And The First, Second, Or Third Wave1272 Words   |  6 PagesWhen referring to the history of feminism in the manner of the first, second, or third wave, one is undermining the experiences that were ongoing during, in middle of, and before those waves that history defines. What ideologies of oppression were being spoken of to raise awareness and whose experience was being excluded/diminished? The articulation of feminism in using the metaphor of waves to describe how the ideologies peaked and rescin ded, is incorrect because it focuses only on the voices ofRead MoreFirst Wave Feminism By Betty Friedan1171 Words   |  5 PagesBackground Knowledge: Second-wave feminism refers to the period of feminist activity that focused on social and legal issues of gender equality such as sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights and equal opportunity in education and the workplace. Source 1: The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan In 1963, Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique was published. Friedan discussed the problem that â€Å"lay buried, unspoken† in the minds of the suburban housewife, saying that they were too socially

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Spirit Bound Chapter One Free Essays

THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN death threats and love letters–even if the person writing the death threats still claims to actually love you. Of course, considering I once tried to kill someone I loved, maybe I had no right to judge. Today’s letter had been perfectly timed, not that I should have expected any less. We will write a custom essay sample on Spirit Bound Chapter One or any similar topic only for you Order Now I’d read it four times so far, and even though I was running late, I couldn’t help but read it a fifth time. My dearest Rose, One of the few downsides to being awakened is that we no longer require sleep; therefore we also no longer dream. It’s a shame, because if I could dream, I know I’d dream about you. I’d dream about the way you smell and how your dark hair feels like silk between my fingers. I’d dream about the smoothness of your skin and the fierceness of your lips when we kiss. Without dreams, I have to be content with my own imagination–which is almost as good. I can picture all of those things perfectly, as well as how it’ll be when I take your life from this world. It’s something I regret having to do, but you’ve made my choice inevitable. Your refusal to join me in eternal life and love leaves no other course of action, and I can’t allow someone as dangerous as you to live. Besides, even if I forced your awakening, you now have so many enemies among the Strigoi that one of them would kill you. If you must die, it’ll be by my hand. No one else’s. Nonetheless, I wish you well today as you take your trials–not that you need any luck. If they’re actually making you take them, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. You’re the best in that group, and by this evening you’ll wear your promise mark. Of course, that means you’ll be all that much more of a challenge when we meet again–which I’ll definitely enjoy. And we will be meeting again. With graduation, you’ll be turned out of the Academy, and once you’re outside the wards, I’ll find you. There is no place in this world you can hide from me. I’m watching. Love, Dimitri Despite his â€Å"warm wishes† I didn’t really find the letter inspiring as I tossed it onto my bed and blearily left the room. I tried not to let his words get to me, though it was kind of impossible to not be creeped out by something like that. There is no place in this world you can hide from me. I didn’t doubt it. I knew Dimitri had spies. Since my former instructor-turned-lover had been turned into an evil, undead vampire, he’d also become a sort of leader among them–something I’d helped speed along when I killed off his former boss. I suspected a lot of his spies were humans, watching for me to step outside my school’s borders. No Strigoi could have stayed on a twenty-four-hour stakeout. Humans could, and I’d recently learned that plenty of humans were willing to serve the Strigoi in exchange for the promise of being turned someday. Those humans considered eternal life worth corrupting their souls and killing off others to survive. Those humans made me sick. But the humans weren’t what made my steps falter as I walked through grass that had turned bright green with summer’s touch. It was Dimitri. Always Dimitri. Dimitri, the man I’d loved. Dimitri, the Strigoi I wanted to save. Dimitri, the monster I’d most likely have to kill. The love we’d shared always burned within me, no matter how often I told myself to move on, no matter how much the world did think I’d moved on. He was always with me, always on my mind, always making me question myself. â€Å"You look like you’re ready to face an army.† I shifted out of my dark thoughts. I’d been so fixated on Dimitri and his letter that I’d been walking across campus, oblivious to the world, and hadn’t noticed my best friend, Lissa, falling into step with me, a teasing smile on her face. Her catching me by surprise was a rarity because we shared a psychic bond, one that always kept me aware of her presence and feelings. I had to be pretty distracted to not notice her, and if ever there was a distraction, it was someone wanting to kill me. I gave Lissa what I hoped was a convincing smile. She knew what had happened to Dimitri and how he was now waiting to kill me after I’d tried–and failed–to kill him. Nonetheless, the letters I got from him every week worried her, and she had enough to deal with in her life without my undead stalker to add to the list. â€Å"I kind of am facing an army,† I pointed out. It was early evening, but late summer still found the sun up in the Montana sky, bathing us in golden light as we walked. I loved it, but as a Moroi–a peaceful, living vampire–Lissa would eventually grow weak and uncomfortable in it. She laughed and tossed her platinum hair over one shoulder. The sun lit up the pale color into angelic brilliance. â€Å"I suppose. I didn’t think you’d really be all that worried.† I could understand her reasoning. Even Dimitri had said these would be a waste of my time. After all, I’d gone to Russia to search for him and had faced real Strigoi–killing a number of them on my own. Maybe I shouldn’t have been afraid of the upcoming tests, but all the fanfare and expectation suddenly pressed in upon me. My heart rate increased. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I wasn’t as good as I thought I was? The guardians who would challenge me out here might not be true Strigoi, but they were skilled and had been fighting a lot longer than me. Arrogance could get me into a lot of trouble, and if I failed, I’d be doing it in front of all the people who cared about me. All the people who had such faith in me. One other thing also concerned me. â€Å"I’m worried about how these grades will affect my future,† I said. That was the truth. The trials were the final exam for a novice guardian like me. They ensured I could graduate from St. Vladimir’s Academy and take my place with true guardians who defended Moroi from the Strigoi. The trials pretty much decided which Moroi a guardian would be assigned to. Through our bond, I felt Lissa’s compassion–and her worry. â€Å"Alberta thinks there’s a good chance we can stay together–that you’ll still be my guardian.† I grimaced. â€Å"I think Alberta was saying that to keep me in school.† I’d dropped out to hunt Dimitri a few months ago and then returned–something that didn’t look good on my academic record. There was also the small fact that the Moroi queen, Tatiana, hated me and would probably be going out of her way to influence my assignment–but that was another story. â€Å"I think Alberta knows the only way they’d let me protect you is if I was the last guardian on earth. And even then, my odds would still be pretty slim.† Ahead of us, the roar of a crowd grew loud. One of the school’s many sports fields had been transformed into an arena on par with something from Roman gladiatorial days. The bleachers had been built up, expanded from simple wooden seats to luxuriously cushioned benches with awnings to shade the Moroi from the sun. Banners surrounded the field, their bright colors visible from here as they whipped in the wind. I couldn’t see them yet, but I knew there would be some type of barracks built near the stadium’s entrance where novices waited, nerves on edge. The field itself would have turned into an obstacle course of dangerous tests. And from the sound of those deafening cheers, plenty were already there to witness this event. â€Å"I’m not giving up hope,† Lissa said. Through the bond, I knew she meant it. It was one of the wonderful things about her–a steadfast faith and optimism that weathered the most terrible ordeals. It was a sharp contrast to my recent cynicism. â€Å"And I’ve got something that might help you out today.† She came to a stop and reached into her jeans pocket, producing a small silver ring scattered with tiny stones that looked like peridots. I didn’t need any bond to understand what she was offering. â€Å"Oh, Liss†¦ I don’t know. I don’t want any, um, unfair advantage.† Lissa rolled her eyes. â€Å"That’s not the problem, and you know it. This one’s fine, I swear.† The ring she offered me was a charm, infused with the rare type of magic she wielded. All Moroi had control of one of five elements: earth, air, water, fire, or spirit. Spirit was the rarest–so rare, it had been forgotten over the centuries. Then Lissa and a few others had recently surfaced with it. Unlike the other elements, which were more physical in nature, spirit was tied into the mind and all sorts of psychic phenomena. No one fully understood it. Making charms with spirit was something Lissa had only recently begun to experiment with–and she wasn’t very good at it. Her best spirit ability was healing, so she kept trying to make healing charms. The last one had been a bracelet that singed my arm. â€Å"This one works. Only a little, but it’ll help keep the darkness away during the trial.† She spoke lightly, but we both knew the seriousness of her words. With all of spirit’s gifts came a cost: a darkness that showed itself now as anger and confusion, and eventually led to insanity. Darkness that sometimes bled over into me through our bond. Lissa and I had been told that with charms and her healing, we could fight it off. That was also something we had yet to master. I gave her a faint smile, moved by her concern, and accepted the ring. It didn’t scald my hand, which I took as a promising sign. It was tiny and only fit on my pinky. I felt nothing whatsoever as it slid on. Sometimes that happened with healing charms. Or it could mean the ring was completely ineffectual. Either way, no harm done. â€Å"Thanks,† I said. I felt delight sweep through her, and we continued walking. I held my hand out before me, admiring the way the green stones glittered. Jewelry wasn’t a great idea in the kind of physical ordeals I’d be facing, but I would have gloves on to cover it. â€Å"Hard to believe that after this, we’ll be done here and out in the real world,† I mused aloud, not really considering my words. Beside me, Lissa stiffened, and I immediately regretted speaking. â€Å"Being out in the real world† meant Lissa and I were going to undertake a task she’d–unhappily–promised to help me with a couple months ago. While in Siberia, I’d learned there might be a way to restore Dimitri back to being a dhampir like me. It was a long shot–possibly a lie–and considering the way he was fixated on killing me, I had no illusions that I would have any other choice but to kill him if it came down to him or me. But if there was a way I might save him before that happened, I had to find out. Unfortunately, the only lead we had to making this miracle come true was through a criminal. Not just any criminal either: Victor Dashkov, a royal Moroi who had tortured Lissa and committed all sorts of other atrocities that had made our lives hell. Justice had been served, and Victor was locked away in prison, which complicated things. We’d learned that so long as he was destined for a life behind bars, he saw no reason to share what he knew about his half-brother–the only person who had once allegedly saved a Strigoi. I’d decided–possibly illogically–that Victor might give up the information if we offered him the one thing no one else could: freedom. This idea was not foolproof, for a number of reasons. First, I didn’t know if it would work. That was kind of a big thing. Second, I had no idea how to stage a prison break, let alone where his prison even was. And finally, there was the fact that we would be releasing our mortal enemy. That was devastating enough to me, let alone Lissa. Yet as much as the idea troubled her–and believe me, it did–she’d firmly sworn she would help me. I’d offered to free her from the promise dozens of times in the last couple months, but she’d stood firm. Of course, considering we had no way to even find the prison, her promise might not matter in the end. I tried to fill the awkward silence between us, explaining instead that I’d really meant we’d be able to celebrate her birthday in style next week. My attempts were interrupted by Stan, one of my longtime instructors. â€Å"Hathaway!† he barked, coming from the direction of the field. â€Å"Nice of you to join us. Get in there now!† Thoughts of Victor vanished from Lissa’s mind. Lissa gave me a quick hug. â€Å"Good luck,† she whispered. â€Å"Not that you need it.† Stan’s expression told me that this ten-second goodbye was ten seconds too long. I gave Lissa a grin by way of thanks, and then she headed off to find our friends in the stands while I scurried after Stan. â€Å"You’re lucky you aren’t one of the first ones,† he growled. â€Å"People were even making bets about whether you’d show.† â€Å"Really?† I asked cheerfully. â€Å"What kind of odds are there on that? Because I can still change my mind and put down my own bet. Make a little pocket money.† His narrowed eyes shot me a warning that needed no words as we entered the waiting area adjacent to the field, across from the stands. It had always amazed me in past years how much work went into these trials, and I was no less impressed now as I saw it up close. The barrack that novices waited in was constructed out of wood, complete with a roof. The structure looked as though it had been part of the stadium forever. It had been built with remarkable speed and would be taken down equally quickly once the trials were over. A doorway about three people wide gave a partial glimpse onto the field, where one of my classmates was waiting anxiously for her name to be called. All sorts of obstacles were set up there, challenges to test balance and coordination while still having to battle and elude the adult guardians who would be lurking around objects and corners. Wooden walls had been constructed on one end of the field, creating a dark and confusing maze. Nets and shaky platforms hung across other areas, designed to test just how well we could fight under difficult conditions. A few of the other novices crowded the doorway, hoping to get an advantage by watching those who went ahead of them. Not me. I would go in there blind, content to take on whatever they threw before me. Studying the course now would simply make me overthink and panic. Calm was what I needed now. So I leaned against one of the barrack walls and watched those around me. It appeared that I really had been the last to show up, and I wondered if people had actually lost money betting on me. Some of my classmates whispered in clusters. Some were doing stretches and warm-up exercises. Others stood with instructors who had been mentors. Those teachers spoke intently to their students, giving last-minute words of advice. I kept hearing words like focus and calm down. Seeing the instructors made my heart clench. Not so long ago, that was how I’d pictured this day. I’d imagined Dimitri and me standing together, with him telling me to take this seriously and not to lose my cool when I was out on the field. Alberta had done a fair amount of mentoring for me since I’d returned from Russia, but as captain, she was out on the field herself now, busy with all sorts of responsibilities. She had no time to come in here and hold my hand. Friends of mine who might have offered comfort–Eddie, Meredith, and others–were wrapped up in their own fears. I was alone. Without her or Dimitri–or, well, anyone–I felt a surprising ache of loneliness flow through me. This wasn’t right. I shouldn’t have been alone. Dimitri should have been here with me. That’s how it was supposed to have been. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to pretend he was really there, only inches away as we spoke. â€Å"Don’t worry, comrade. I can do this blindfolded. Hell, maybe I actually will. Do you have anything I can use? If you’re nice to me, I’ll even let you tie it on.† Since this fantasy would have taken place after we’d slept together, there was a strong possibility that he would have later helped me take off that blindfold–among other things. I could perfectly picture the exasperated shake of his head that would earn me. â€Å"Rose, I swear, sometimes it feels like every day with you is my own personal trial.† But I knew he’d smile anyway, and the look of pride and encouragement he’d give me as I headed toward the field would be all I needed to get through the tests– â€Å"Are you meditating?† I opened my eyes, astonished at the voice. â€Å"Mom? What are you doing here?† My mother, Janine Hathaway, stood in front of me. She was just a few inches shorter than me but had enough fight in her for someone twice my size. The dangerous look on her tanned face dared anyone to bring on a challenge. She gave me a wry smile and put one hand on her hip. â€Å"Did you honestly think I wouldn’t come to watch you?† â€Å"I don’t know,† I admitted, feeling kind of guilty for doubting her. She and I hadn’t had much contact over the years, and it was only recent events–most of them bad–that had begun to reestablish our connection. Most of the time, I still didn’t know how to feel about her. I oscillated between a little girl’s need for her absent mother and a teenager’s resentment over abandonment. I also wasn’t entirely sure if I’d forgiven her for the time she â€Å"accidentally† punched me in a mock fight. â€Å"I figured you’d have, you know, more important things to do.† â€Å"There’s no way I could miss this.† She inclined her head toward the stands, making her auburn curls sway. â€Å"Neither could your father.† â€Å"What?† I hurried toward the doorway and peered out onto the fields. My view of the stands wasn’t fantastic, thanks to all the obstacles on the field, but it was good enough. There he was: Abe Mazur. He was easy to spot, with his black beard and mustache, as well as the emerald green scarf knotted over his dress shirt. I could even barely make out the glint of his gold earring. He had to be melting in this heat, but I figured it would take more than a little sweat for him to tame down his flashy fashion sense. If my relationship with my mother was sketchy, my relationship with my father was practically nonexistent. I’d met him back in May, and even then, it wasn’t until after I’d gotten back that I found out I was his daughter. All dhampirs had one Moroi parent, and he was mine. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about him. Most of his background remained a mystery, but there were plenty of rumors that he was involved with illegal business. People also acted like he was the kneecap-breaking type, and though I’d seen little evidence of this, I didn’t find it surprising. In Russia, they called him Zmey: the serpent. While I stared at him in astonishment, my mom strolled over to my side. â€Å"He’ll be happy you made it in time,† she said. â€Å"He’s running some big wager on whether you’d show. He put his money on you, if that makes you feel any better.† I groaned. â€Å"Of course. Of course he’d be the bookie behind the pool. I should have known as soon as–† My jaw dropped. â€Å"Is he talking to Adrian?† Yup. Sitting beside Abe was Adrian Ivashkov–my more-or-less boyfriend. Adrian was a royal Moroi–and another spirit user like Lissa. He’d been crazy about me (and often just crazy) ever since we first met, but I’d had eyes only for Dimitri. After the failure in Russia, I’d returned and promised to give Adrian a shot. To my surprise, things had been†¦ good between us. Great, even. He’d written me up a proposal of why dating him was a sound decision. It had included things like â€Å"I’ll give up cigarettes unless I really, really need one† and â€Å"I’ll unleash romantic surprises every week, such as: an impromptu picnic, roses, or a trip to Paris–but not actually any of those things because now they’re not surprises.† Being with him wasn’t like it had been with Dimitri, but then, I supposed, no two relationships could ever be exactly alike. They were different men, after all. I still woke up all the time, aching over the loss of Dimitri and our love. I tormented myself over my failure to kill him in Siberia and free him from his undead state. Still, that despair didn’t mean my romantic life was over–something it had taken me a while to accept. Moving on was hard, but Adrian did make me happy. And for now, that was enough. But that didn’t necessarily mean I wanted him cozying up to my pirate mobster father either. â€Å"He’s a bad influence!† I protested. My mother snorted. â€Å"I doubt Adrian will influence Abe that much.† â€Å"Not Adrian! Abe. Adrian’s trying to be on good behavior. Abe will mess everything up.† Along with smoking, Adrian had sworn he’d quit drinking and other vices in his dating proposal. I squinted at him and Abe across the crowded stands, trying to figure out what topic could be so interesting. â€Å"What are they talking about?† â€Å"I think that’s the least of your problems right now.† Janine Hathaway was nothing if not practical. â€Å"Worry less about them and more about that field.† â€Å"Do you think they’re talking about me?† â€Å"Rose!† My mother gave me a light punch on the arm, and I dragged my eyes back to her. â€Å"You have to take this seriously. Keep calm, and don’t get distracted.† Her words were so like what I’d imagined Dimitri saying that a small smile crept onto my face. I wasn’t alone out here after all. â€Å"What’s so funny?† she asked warily. â€Å"Nothing,† I said, giving her a hug. She was stiff at first and then relaxed, actually hugging me back briefly before stepping away. â€Å"I’m glad you’re here.† My mother wasn’t the overly affectionate type, and I’d caught her off guard. â€Å"Well,† she said, obviously flustered, â€Å"I told you I wouldn’t miss this.† I glanced back at the stands. â€Å"Abe, on the other hand, I’m not so sure of.† Or†¦ wait. An odd idea came to me. No, not so odd, actually. Shady or not, Abe had connections–ones extensive enough to slip a message to Victor Dashkov in prison. Abe had been the one to ask for info about Robert Doru, Victor’s spirit-wielding brother, as a favor to me. When Victor had sent back the message saying he had no reason to help Abe with what he needed, I’d promptly written off my father’s assistance and jumped to my prison-break idea. But now– â€Å"Rosemarie Hathaway!† It was Alberta who called me, her voice ringing loud and clear. It was like a trumpet, a call to battle. All thoughts of Abe and Adrian–and yes, even Dimitri–vanished from my mind. I think my mother wished me good luck, but the exact wording was lost on me as I strode toward Alberta and the field. Adrenaline surged through me. All my attention was now on what lay ahead: the test that would finally make me a guardian. How to cite Spirit Bound Chapter One, Essay examples

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Is hypnosis and effective method to Improve Health Essay Example For Students

Is hypnosis and effective method to Improve Health Essay ?Is Hypnosis an Effective Method to Improve Health?Many high schools have hypnotists come to their school to entertain the students. Once a hypnotist came to the Fletcher High School gymnasium and hypnotized about a half dozen people. He convinced these six people into believing they were five years old watching their favorite cartoon. Their mannerisms were shocking. They truly believed they were five-years-old, throwing a fit when the hypnotist told them their mother just turned off the cartoons. Knowing that it is very hard to remember back to when a person is five-years-old, it was amazing that the power of hypnosis made them remember so easily. It seemed as if the hypnotist could make them remember anything. Just before the students woke from their hypnosis, the hypnotists told them they would be fully rested and feel extremely good about his or herself. Afterwards, they remarked on how rested they felt. A hypnotist can make people feel completely rested while being under hypnosi s, and make people believe things that are not true. Why stop there though? If something hurts, then tell the hypnotherapist to suggest under hypnosis that the pain is gone and does not bother them anymore and the person will feel better. If someone has a stuttering problem, then they can visit a hypnotherapist and he should be able to straighten up their speech so they can speak more clearly. Likewise, a persons self-confidence could be uplifted and they Stayton 2could begin to believe in his or herself. Some people could even be anesthetized for surgery using hypnosis. Many people are hypnotized for entertainment purposes, so maybe it should also be used to help people with problems that are hard to resolve. Hypnosis can be used to relieve pain, conquer almost any fear, eliminate the use unnecessary prescription medicines, and help a person to overcome alcoholism and to overcome drug addictions. Also, upon finding support from a hypnotherapist, many have been able to quit addictiv e habits such as smoking. Conquering phobias is a specialty of hypnotherapists. A phobia is a compulsive fear of a specified situation or object (Knight 2). A few types of phobias are fear of open spaces, fear of snow, fear of the cold, fear of marriage, fear of insanity, fear of being alone, fear of darkness, fear of disease, fear of beards, fear of birds, fear of being stared at, fear of being buried alive, fear of the unknown, fear of animals, and there are also many other fears that ruin peoples lives or pursuit of happiness (Knight 2). People find that it is easier to turn away from the thing they are afraid of, or simply run from the fear avoiding the feared object as much as possible. When the phobia is avoidable, there is not a strong need for medical attention, but when the phobia interferes with the persons quality of life, a hypnotherapist may be needed (Knight 2-3). Hypnotherapists claim to be able to get rid of numerous unnecessary prescription medicines. Dr. Thomas Nicoli states that many rely on pharmaceuticals as a crutch that they may not need. Nicoli supports his thinking by saying, If you break or badly injure your leg, you need crutches. Of course. But, would you expect to need those crutches for a very long time? How about the rest of your life? Of course not. Well, thats how I began looking at Stayton 3pills. As a continual internal crutch (Nicoli 1). In order to alleviate the need for this internal crutch, the root of the problem must be found and the problem worked out from the there. Some people may not even remember the initial incident or cause of their discomfort. Their feelings may be so repressed in their subconscious that they do not remember the root of their problem. Hypnosis may be the only way a person could find these lost emotions or actions (Nicoli 2). Can Environmental Protection and Free Trade Coexis EssayThe psyche rarely appears in dermatoses as a sole cause, but mental states and conflicts can be converted into skin disorders just as they can be converted into hysteria or phobias. The skin acts not only as a protective and defensive agent for the body, but also occasionally for the mind. The availability and erogenicity of the skin renders it vulnerable to patients with exhibitionistic, masochistic, paranoid, obsessional, compulsive, or abnormal sexual tendencies (Schneck 123). Whatever happens in the mind is reflected in the body, and any alteration in the latter has repercussions in the former (qtd. in Schneck 124). These skin disorders caused by mental breakdowns or stress can be avoided or treated by just visiting hypnotherapists. In some instances, hypnotherapy can be used to help a problem in a pregnancy that may take the mothers life while she is delivering the baby. Hypnosis can rarely be life saving, but Stayton 6will often be beneficial to the childbearing female (qtd. in Schneck 145). Hypnotherapy, along with dietary supplements, can be most helpful to losing weight quicker and less expensive (qtd. in Schneck 146). Many other diseases in dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, psychiatry, and other diseases that are caused from different brain activities can also be helped and treated with hypnotherapy. It is remarkable that the high school students could remember most of the emotions they felt at the age of five. Is it not possible then to turn someones mind into a machine capable of remembering virtually everything? This is definitely something that could be used for school purposes. Imagine going to class and being able to remember and understand every word. Maybe the person would even be able to recite every syllable the instructor spoke during the entire hour of class. Maybe some day someone could be hypnotized and given information and just take every bit of it into their memory. Instead Stayton 7of going to school for years and years information could just be programmed into a person like in the Matrix where Keanu Reeves could learn anything he wanted to learn in only a few seconds. But learning and remembering is only one aspect of hypnosis. If a hypnotist can make someone remember something so far back and make that person reenact those memories, hypnosis could be a powerful tool regarding many health problems caused by brain activities.There is so much more that has yet to be discovered. Estabrooks, George H., Hypnotism. New York: E.P. Dutton Co. Inc., 1957. Hypnosis and Smoking: The Mighty Power of Suggestion. Smoking Cessation. N. pag. Online. Internet. 13 Apr. 2000. Available WWW: http://www.hypnosis.about.com/smoking.hypnos.htm Kirsch, Irving, Antonio Capafons, Etzel Cardea-Buelna, Salvador Amig. Clinical Hypnosis and Self-Regulation. Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association, 1999. Knight, Bryan. You Can Conquer Your Phobia. Hypnogenesis. N. pag. Online. Internet. 13 Apr. 2000. Available WWW: http://www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/drknigh3.htm Nicoli, Thomas. Pain and Physical Disorder Relief Through Hypnosis. Hypnogenesis. N. pag. Online. Internet. 13 Apr. 2000. Available WWW: http://www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/nicoli1.htmSchneck, Jerome M. Hypnosis in Modern Medicine. Springfield: Charles C. Thomas, 1953. Wolff, Michael. Personal Interview. 28 Apr. 2000. Words/ Pages : 1,950 / 24